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Optional Pre-Vienna Trip Extension to Prague

November 4 - 9, 2019

Prague - for centuries it has been known as Zlatá Praha or Golden Prague - is a glittering jewel of art and architecture located at the heart of Europe. Home to emperors and kings, artists and astronomers, this beautiful and fascinating city has worked its subtle magic on generations of visitors, and lent inspiration to musicians and writers from Mozart to Dvořák and Kafka to Klíma.

The entire historical center and more than 2,000 buildings are now on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. The elegant features of Prague’s many palaces, the soaring verticals of Gothic spires, the richness of its Baroque churches and gilt towers stay in the minds of visitors long after they have left.

Everywhere you go you will uncover some aspect of the city's multilayered history - in its time Prague has been the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburg Empire, the first Czechoslovak Republic, the Nazi Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the Communist Republic of Czechoslovakia, and the modern, democratic Czech Republic

Apart from its cultural treasures, Prague offers another precious commodity - the liquid gold of Bohemian beer. The Czechs have been brewing since at least the 9th century - they invented Pilsner, the world's first clear, golden lager, in 1842 - and Czech breweries still produce some of the world's finest beers.Today Prague is growing, with one of the most dynamic economies in Eastern Europe. The theaters and coffee bars teem with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and real estate investors, along with musicians and artists. 

Package Features

  • Austrian Airlines flights from Dulles to Prague via Vienna and from Vienna to Dulles (direct)
  • Motor coach transportation from the airport to the hotel
  • Private and supervised truck for luggage transfer from Prague to Vienna, November 9
  • High speed train in first class from Prague to Vienna
  • Accommodation in standard category rooms for 4 nights at the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel, Prague
  • Full breakfast buffet daily at the hotel
  • Orientation tour of Prague, including visit to Prague Castle
  • Cocktails and Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel, November 6
  • DMC Hospitality Desk daily at the hotel; staff at airport, hotel and train station for all arrivals and departures
  • Tour Plan International representative(s) on-site
  • All taxes and gratuities to hotel bellmen, hotel maids, and as levied on other included features


Spend 4 nights at the beautiful and luxurious 5-star Four Seasons Hotel in Prague.

Four Seasons Prague


We've arranged for a group flight that covers both the Prague and Vienna portions of the trip. It will be on Austrian Airlines, departing and returning to Dulles. The cost of the flight is already built in to the with-airfare package cost for Vienna: the price below is for the hotel and other amenities in Prague.

If you choose to make your own travel arrangements, register for the Vienna trip at the "without airfare" price at a savings. However, you'll receive no additional credit in the package price listed below.

We will be happy to explore flight options on an individual basis from Richmond, Norfolk, or other hometown cities. Please indicate on the reservation form whether you would like to consider options other than Dulles.


Double Occupancy: $3,800.00 (check) / $3,950.00 (credit card) per couple

Single Occupancy: $2,900.00 (check) / $3016.00 (credit card) per person

(Based on a minimum of 30 participants)

Payment Schedule

Deposit: $1,500.00 per room (due on or before April 1).

Balance: Due on or before July 30, 2019


Stephany Capocelli Pishko of Tour Plan International will handle all matters of registration and payment for the pre-trip to Prague.  Please download the registration form and return it directly to Stephany.
Prague pictures