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Neither Virginia CLE, its parent organization The Virginia Law Foundation (which shall be included in any reference to Virginia CLE), nor its agent for this trip, Tour Plan International, shall be held liable for any loss, any act of omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any person or firm which is scheduled to, or does provide goods or services for the trip. Nor shall Virginia CLE or Tour Plan International have liability for any transportation delay, including but not limited to liability for inconvenience, shortened vacation time, additional expenses or any other kind of damage.  In the event of a delay, the airline (not Virginia CLE or Tour Plan International) determines delay procedures and the amenities and/or compensation, if any, to be offered. Neither Virginia CLE nor Tour Plan International shall be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person or property in connection with accommodations, air and land transportation, or other services resulting from acts of God, dangers incident to fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of government, civil strikes, riots, thefts, defaults, delays, cancellation, or changes in itinerary from any causes beyond the control of Virginia CLE or Tour Plan International.

Force Majeure

Neither Virginia CLE nor Tour Plan International is responsible for losses caused by cancellation of the seminar in whole or in part, and/or nonperformance of all or any part of this agreement when such cancellation or non-performance is attributable in whole or part to any event, natural disaster, fire, flood, government regulation, travel or transportation restriction, non-availability of food, beverages, or other supplies, riot, war, national emergency, acts of terrorism, acts of God, or other circumstances not within the reasonable control of Virginia CLE or Tour Plan International, which either prevents or inhibits their performance hereunder in any manner.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

This program requires Virginia CLE to make significant financial commitments well in advance of the trip to the hotel, airline, and others to ensure their availability when we arrive.  These commitments are often non-refundable, or become so after a certain date, and are based on the number of participants who have registered with us. We encourage you to register as soon as you can.  We are closely monitoring the current health situation, and will make a final determination on whether the trip is "a go" prior to May 13.  We will base our decision on the health situation and the number of registrations we have received up to that date, and will issue a full refund if we do have to cancel the Nice trip prior to May 13.  Following is the maximum to be forfeited should you decide to cancel your registration:

Before May 13
May 13 – July 30, 2020:
Full refund
$2,500 per room
July 31 – August 31, 2020: $3,900 per room
September 1, 2020 or later: No refund

Virginia CLE and Tour Plan International will strive to recover the most we can from our contractors, and will share those proceeds proportionately with those who cancel, and so the amounts forfeited above may be less, but will not be more.

Optional Trip Cancellation / Baggage Insurance

Due to the cancellation restrictions and the risk of lost, delayed or damaged baggage, we strongly recommend purchasing trip health, accident, baggage, and cancellation insurance. The direct air carriers limit their liability for loss, delay and/or damage to personal baggage. Neither Virginia CLE nor Tour Plan International shall be held responsible for delay, loss or damage to participants’ baggage. IMPORTANT: Insurance companies limit compensation for cancellations due to "preexisting conditions." Tour Plan International has set up an optional group travel insurance plan.  For the brochure, click here or visit the Allianz website, or call their toll-free number, 1-866-884-3556


Participants must carry a valid PASSPORT. The responsibility for obtaining a passport, and for bringing it on the trip, rests with the participants. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended date of departure from France!.  This policy is strictly enforced by the airlines.  Passengers denied boarding are responsible for all re-accommodation and/or cancellation expenses.  

Travel Representative

Group air and land services will be handled by Tour Plan International of Richmond, Virginia. Stephany Pishko will be our designated travel representative. For further information regarding this seminar package, please contact Stephany at (804) 359-3217 (ext. 318) or by email at

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