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Virginia CLE has partnered with Stephany Capocelli Pishko of Tour Plan International to make the arrangements for this program. Now that the main program has been set, Stephany is working on additional exciting options. Please note that these are not included in our package, and are priced separately. In addition, payment will be made directly to Tour Plan International, not to Virginia CLE.

Daily Tours and Excursions

We will offer a range of tours and excursions in and around Vienna. These will be listed on the Schedule page as they become available. Registrants will be provided a complete list with instructions for making advance reservations. It will also be possible to register for any of the trips once in Vienna through our Hospitality Desk at the hotel.


Stephany has arranged for an exciting pre-trip in Prague.  Click here for all the details.

Extended Stay in Vienna

Stephany will be able to arrange for additional nights at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna, before or after our program. Contact her with your needs.

Additional Guests or Room Upgrades

For these, or any other special request, please contact Stephany directly. If not listed above, she will only charge the incremental cost above what is included in our package price.

Contacting Tour Plan International

Stephany can be reached at (804) 359-3217, ext. 318, or by e-mail at

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